Security Beat gives clients the leverage to make rapid decisions with reliable, timely, accessible and up-to-date information. Monitoring all events relevant to security, armed conflict, peace and justice, CERAC keeps clients informed in real time on what is happening on the ground in Colombia.

Security Beat is also the most effective way of reducing uncertainty for those whose livelihood and reputation depend upon making rapid decisions. With near-daily reports on the most intimate security-related affairs, a subscription to Security Beat saves clients precious time they would otherwise spend gathering sensitive information so they can make decisions critical vital to their interests. 

Method of delivery: Security Beat is delivered by signing into a secure server on CERAC’s web portal or directly to the client’s Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger,Blackberry Messenger, Facebook or Google+ account.

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Annual subscription fee: $2,500,000 + VAT 

In 2013, Security Beat registered 620 monthly updates. 











For more information on any of our subscription packages, please contact our subscription manager at or by telephone at 2170200, extension 202 in Bogotá, Colombia.